Technique & Fabric

Technique Support

As a production-oriented supplier, we understand all aspects of customer needs. We have noticed that it has been difficult for some small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to find factories that can provide them with specific design details. Tapstitch can provide these special production technologies that are rare in the market, including embroidery, beading, tie-dyeing, etc. We are happy to accept orders using this special technology to meet your production needs. 屏幕截图-2021-05-19-180306.png

Fabric Sourcing


Finding the right fabric for you is an important step in the design process and requires time and knowledge. With so many options on the market, it can be an overwhelming experience, especially when communicating with suppliers, which can be time-consuming.

Whether you plan to cooperate with us for production, or want us to be your reliable fabric sourcing agent, we will ensure that we provide the best choice for your future brand in terms of price and quality. Our goal is to find what you need from trusted suppliers in the largest fabric market. cotton.jpgdenim.jpgactivewer-1.jpgswimsuit-1-2048x1365.jpg