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When selling before the holiday, you must know the expected delivery time and order deadline in advance to receive the gift in time.


  1. What are holiday order deadlines?
  2. Why are Christmas holiday order deadlines important for your customers?
  3. External factors affecting the delivery date
  4. How to notify your customers of holiday order deadlines?
  5. How to use these 3 effective strategies to increase sales before the order deadline
  6. Production time/delivery time before Christmas
  7. Start placing your order now to prepare for your Christmas sale

What are holiday order deadlines?

Holiday order deadlines are the dates when you are advised to place an order so you receive your products in time. We usually have different production cycles for each product type, and different deadlines for different countries. The date when you sell the same garment in different regions may be different. Please pay attention to our deadline to receive your order in time for the holiday.

Why are Christmas holiday order deadlines important for your customers?

The order deadline ensures that buyers receive the goods in time. Also, the deadline will create a sense of urgency, thereby increasing buyers' interest and participation. When potential customers see that time is running out, they are more likely to buy your product. You need to ensure that your order deadline can be communicated to every user in a timely manner. No matter what products buyers buy or where they are, they want to specify an accurate delivery date at the checkout. The closer the holiday is, the greater the demand. Buyers will pay attention to these details especially before the Christmas and New Year holidays. They will compare different retailers until they find a one that can provide the actual delivery date.

External factors affecting the delivery date

1. Logistics Services

The shipping time will vary depending on the carrier you choose to ship, the service you use, and the shipping destination. In most cases, the farther the transportation location is, the longer it will take.

2. Bad weather

If natural disasters occur at the shipping origin or the customer's destination, the shipping provider is likely to postpone the delivery until everything returns to normal

3. Logistics transportation restrictions

In some states or countries, the law may restrict or prohibit which items you can ship directly to consumers, and under special circumstances, delivery may require an intermediary.

4. Purchase time

Due to the order fulfillment deadline, the delivery date may be delayed by about one day. If you receive your order at 9:00 AM, you may be able to complete the order on that exact date. However, if you receive the order at 9:00 PM, the delivery schedule may increase by one day.

5. Customs

For international orders, it may take days or even weeks to go through customs. This does not include the time required for the parcel to arrive. If the tariff code you submit is incorrect, further customs delays may occur.

How to notify your customers of holiday order deadlines?

The best way to ensure that customers’ holiday orders are delivered on time is to notify them of the holiday order deadline in advance and repeatedly. You need to ensure that the 2021 holiday deadline is clearly listed in the center of your website homepage or during the checkout process. You can also remind customers in these ways:

  • Send emails to existing customers and subscribers
  • Post clear notification content on social media
  • Deploy site-wide notifications one week and one day before the deadline
  • Message notification in the shopping cart

How to use these 3 effective strategies to increase sales before the order deadline

1. Promotions

Promotions are definitely a good way to increase the conversion rate before the deadline. When you plan a promotion, you can check past data to understand which direction works best. You can use multi-pack promotions for your products, such as:

  • Free shipping: Shoppers rarely like to pay for shipping. Providing free shipping is a major incentive for holiday sales, and also encourages shoppers to place orders
  • Discount: Traditional display promotion method
  • Bundled sales: Buy more to get more discounts

2. Social media interaction

Social media is an important part of shoppers’ lives, which makes it the perfect place to expand your brand awareness! So, it's necessary to have your own social media strategy. During the holidays, you can engage audiences through social media in a variety of creative ways, such as:

  • Create a shopping guide: You can create a gift guide for shoppers so they know exactly what to choose
  • Sharing and interaction: attract more attention through sharing and interaction with customers, and bring more traffic to the website

3. Website optimization

The best way to prepare for online sales is to optimize your website as early as possible. You can use these items to increase your conversion rate during peak holidays and increase your sales.

  • Check website speed: No one likes slow websites. Please make sure your website speed is at its best. Shoppers want the website to load within a second or two and don’t have the patience to wait longer.
  • Optimize your product page: browse each product and view the description to ensure the accuracy of the information listed
  • A sense of festive atmosphere: the website as a whole can create a sense of festive atmosphere to prompt customers to buy your products.
  • More payment methods: Various and flexible payment methods can shorten the buyer's decision-making time when making a payment.

Production time/delivery time before Christmas

Place your order now and prepare for your Christmas sale

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