Tapstitch: Tailoring the future of fashion industry by tech-driven supply chain

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E-commerce fashion company Tapstitch values online community engagement and is building an agile supply chain that brings customized fashion to your doorstep.

"We care about our customers' comprehensive experience," says Doudou, Operation Manager of Tapstitch, "The most important lesson we've learned from the time of social distancing is how important it is to stay connected with our audience in any way possible."

This brand has been actively engaging with its community on different social platforms ever since the pandemic began. Through hosting live Q&A, exhibiting and ordering live streaming, and many other online events, Tapstitch has cultivated its ever-growing global community.

"It's exciting to be part of the MAGIC event. We can't wait to share our message with the fashion community in the US." says Joe, founder, and CEO. The idea Tapstitch wants to convey at MAGIC is to re-embrace the vibrance of life and inspire women to live an à la mode casual and energetic lifestyle.

"Celebrating life and positivity is what we've learned from the pandemic. Apart from that, we have also recognized the power of those social platforms and the opportunities they created for the fashion industry and supply chain. Thanks to these media, traffic-based entrepreneurial opportunities emerged explosively, DTC (direct-to-customer) campaigns thrive on an unprecedented scale. We value the innovation involved and we desire to engage. Developing a new business model, building an original brand, and upgrading our supply chain system, we are excited about what we are doing. And we are curious about the significance it could bring."

Joe and his team are building a brand that can bring customized fashion to the doorstep of its global customers. To achieve this, a set of advanced online design tools and an agile supply chain are the keys.

When it comes to innovation and technology integration, Tapstitch just had its algorithm center set up in May this year, in Nanjing, China, a city well known for its apparel manufacturing and efficient logistic system. Pine YOU, the Head of Product and Technology of the company, tells us what the tech team aims at. "We are working towards a digital one-stop supply chain solution to upgrade apparel manufacturing. Being committed to digitally connect our customers with a strong and agile supply chain, we use technologies to minimize their cost at each stage of their entrepreneurship. Working in big data with experts in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, we are developing advanced tech to actualize our vision."

Tapstitch believes in the power of technology and the innovation it could bring to the fashion industry. "We first got started by doing print-on-demand, but what we want to achieve is bigger than that, let's name it 'fashion-on-demand', says the CEO, who regards personalization as the key to achieve a successful fashion business. More than "print" on demand, the idea of "fashion-on-demand" is to dissect and restructure the traditional producing line and upgrade the supply chain to the point of being able to meet the unique requirements from a single individual customer.

"Then there won't be any differentiation between '2C' or '2B' anymore." An efficient and highly flexible fashion supply chain can function well regardless of the size of the order. Joe continues, "We aim to empower our customers by reducing their inventory risk, minimizing the design cost, accelerating the capital turnover, to facilitate their scaling-up."

MAGIC is the first step that Tapstitch takes in the US. Later this year, it will open its offline shop in Los Angeles. This allows them to stay connected with their audience online and offline at the same time.